Age 5 boy found foaming at the mouth, emaciated and just ‘hours from death’, until step-siblings save him


This world truly scares me 😠
If not for his two step-siblings, no one would have helped poor Jordan. He would have died alone, frightened and in pain, inside a closet under the stairs.

The very prospect of bringing children into this world scares me when I hear stories such as this one. The depths of depravity some humans will go to can never be understated, and despite all the advances we’ve made to get where we are as a species, there is still far too much horror in the world for me.

Anyone doubting that need only look so far as the story of a boy named Jordan, who in 2014 – when he was just 5-years-old – almost died. It’s important to note right from the start that this wasn’t due to some terrible accident or life-threatening illness he’d been unfortunate enough to suffer from.

No, the danger to Jordan instead came in the form of the people who he should have been able to trust above all others; the people charged with ensuring he was living his best possible life: his parents.

Jordan was born of one of his father’s other relationships. He had seven step-siblings, but it was he who received the most unspeakable punishments from his father, Brad Bleimeyer.

The abuse started out slowly, but before long it had escalated to Jordan being beaten, verbally abused, starved and even tazed.

Bleimeyer and his wife, Tammi, locked Jordan in a closet under the stairs where wires and nails protruded from the walls. He tried to escape more than once, but a lock was placed on the door to ensure he was trapped for as long as his parents wished.

Two of Tammi’s older children, Cody and Allison Frank, were aware that their parents’ treatment of their brother was seriously wrong. Though Cody was just 16, he tried to alert others to the problem, though no one seemed to take his words in earnest.


As per The Sun, Cody explained: “The police had been to our house multiple times. All the police officers told me there was nothing they could do about it.

“The teachers were unsure what to do — nobody could help me at that point.

“I remember police officers were actually at our front door and I asked them to come in and see what was happening and they said they couldn’t because I was underage and I didn’t own the house. They were literally at our door and I was asking for help and they couldn’t do anything.”

Cody, however, refused to give in. He and his sister stood up for Jordan, though they were threatened by their parents and received physical and verbal punishments for their actions.

Then, one day in March 2014, Cody had had enough. He broke into Jordan’s prison cell and stumbled upon a nightmare scene.

“The day I opened up that closet, Jordan was in the worst shape I had ever seen him in,” he explained.

“I had been in a huge fight with Brad so I was already in trouble and both adults were outside of the house so I just saw an opportunity and I opened up the closet to let Jordan out.

“But what I found was truly shocking — he was in his diaper, he didn’t have any clothes on. His face was all caved in, bruises all over, marks on him. His mouth was foaming. I have never in my life seen anything as bad as that.

“I kind of paused for a second and then I just freaked out. If we hadn’t got him out that day I don’t think he would have survived.”

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