Baby Invades Dog’s Personal Space To Kiss Him Prompting Response Family Didn’t Foresee


The dog’s reaction surprised the baby’s parents.

It is hard to look at a happy, laughing baby and not smile. Their sweet innocence and bubbly laughter are impossible to resist.

While they can not yet express their emotions with words, babies are still quite capable of making their feelings known.

What exactly is it about babies that melts hearts so effectively?

Could it be their total dependence on their parents or the way that they are able to find joy in even simple, everyday situations?

Perhaps it is their toothless grins and captivating laughter. Whatever the reason, the fact is that babies are undeniably adorable.

A little girl from San Antonio, Texas recently took the time to show the family dog just how much she loved him by repeatedly planting kisses on his nose.

baby and dog sweet love

Her obvious affection for the dog is evident in her gentleness.

The dog’s reaction surprised the baby’s parents. After several kisses from the little girl, the dog calmly stands up, moves a bit closer to the baby and settles in to reciprocate.


When the dog ever so gently gives the little one a doggy kiss or two in return, she responds with an adorable smile and an infectious chuckle.

Her delight is absolutely charming.

baby and dog sweet love

All by themselves, dogs are a delight to watch. Their silly antics and ability to change an ordinary experience like going for a walk into an exciting adventure enchants us.

When their affections are paired with those of a child, the result is nothing short of heartwarming.

This touching video demonstrates that love does not necessarily need be expressed with words. A kind touch is often just as effective.

The nonverbal interaction between the baby and the dog displays that love can surely overcome any language barrier.

This short, tender video has a message for all of us. Our actions can indeed speak just as loudly as our words, sometimes more so.

Share this today with someone who could benefit from a smile, and remember to show love for others with your deeds, not just your words.


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