Dog Dumper Arrested And Charged With Felony Animal Abuse


People love puppies, and most people cannot stand the idea of anyone mistreating, neglecting, abusing or otherwise harming pups. In most places, there is an overpopulation of dogs and puppies. People do not get their dogs spayed or neutered, and the number of dogs gets out of hand.

One woman’s dog had puppies. The woman didn’t want the three-day-old puppies, so she packed them into a plastic grocery bag.

She drove to a nearby dumpster on private property and chucked the bag of puppies into the dumpster.

She sneaked off, hoping nobody would know what she did.

A Homeless Man Finds the Evidence

A homeless man looking for recyclable metal came across the bag of puppies.


He captured the attention of two passersby. The passersby gave him a hand, and they all got the puppies out of the dumpster.


The people got the puppies to a veterinarian and to an animal shelter. The puppies are currently being cared for in a dog foster home.

The police were also notified of the situation. It turns out that the property had a video camera aimed at the dumpster.


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