Dog Dumper Arrested And Charged With Felony Animal Abuse


Deborah Sue Culwell was identified by her license plate number, which was clearly visible on the video recording of her dumping the bag of puppies into the dumpster.

Police went to her home and arrested her. She is currently in jail.

The police were dismayed at Deborah Sue Culwell’s actions. They found what she did to be reprehensible and, frankly, disgusting. They noted that on the day that she dumped the puppies, it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The abandoned puppies could have easily died of heat stroke or suffocation in the dumpster.

The police lauded the actions of the homeless man and the Good Samaritans who assisted in the rescue of the puppies.

You can watch the footage of her getting arrested in the video below:


Embedded video

NBC Los Angeles


Exclusive video: Woman caught on camera allegedly dumping puppies into Coachella dumpster in 90-degree weather arrested on animal abuse charges. @TonyNBCLA reports: 

What do you think about the actions of Deborah Sue Culwell? What type of punishment do you think the woman should get for what she did?



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