Heartless Mom Buries Newborn Baby Alive In Backyard After Wrapping Her In Plastic Bags


When the police asked her why she did this, her only explanation was that she didn’t want it.

Being a mother is not easy, and giving birth is one of the most painful experiences in the human condition.

After that ordeal, a mother has to spend many sleepless nights taking care of a very needy infant.

Many women and couples avoid having children because of the difficulties involved, not to mention the financial burdens.

One 24-year-old woman’s reaction to the situation went far beyond normal apprehension toward raising a child to the point of being quite horrifying.

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Mother buried her newborn daughter alive in her garden in Ukraine  via @MailOnline


Mother buried her newborn daughter alive in her garden in Ukraine

The woman, 24, who cannot be named, buried her child in the backyard near her house in the village of Lipetskoe in Podilskyi District in southern Ukraine’s Odessa Oblast region.

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After the Ukrainian mother gave birth, she decided that she didn’t want the child.

Her solution to the problem was to wrap the baby in plastic and bury it alive in the back yard of her house.

Unfortunately, there was no one around to save the child, and it died of suffocation.

Eventually, the police found out about what the woman had done. She was arrested, and she is awaiting trial for killing the baby. She faces up to five years in prison.

The woman is from Lipetskoe in the Podilskyi District of Odessa Oblast, Ukraine. She gave birth to a healthy 9.2-pound baby girl.

She covered the infant’s face in plastic because she didn’t want to look at its face. Perhaps she was too ashamed, or maybe it was revulsion toward the child.

The motivation for such a horrific act is hard to fathom.

After she cut the umbilical cord, she put the baby into a second plastic bag. She took the child into the back yard and dug a pit where she buried her alive.

The mother ignored the cries of the infant while performing this act. Afterward, her sister came to check on her and found her lying in bed with a fever.

Her condition was worsening rapidly.

An ambulance rushed her to the hospital. She told the doctors that she suffered a miscarriage in her sixth month of pregnancy.

The hospital staff noticed that she seemed nervous, and her story seemed suspicious, so they called the police.

When questioned about the baby, the woman stuck to her story about the miscarriage, and she took the officers to the burial site.

An autopsy easily concluded that it was a full term baby that had been killed after a live birth.

Medical examinations discovered that the cause of death was suffocation from being wrapped in the plastic bag.

Eventually, the woman realized that her lie would not hold up, so she confessed the whole story.

In tears, she admitted that the baby was alive while she was burying her.

When the police asked her why she did this, her only explanation was that she didn’t want it.


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