Homeless Man Begs For Scrap Food Only To Have Chick-fil-A Manager Say ‘No’ And Take Action


The homeless man only wanted to try to get a few scraps that would otherwise be thrown away.

Chick-fil-A is known for caring about the community wherever the restaurant is located.

Many of the managers hold fundraisers for organizations and people who are in need as well as those who are sick or who have lost family members and need a helping hand.

Meeting someone who is homeless often strikes a nerve to do something to try to help for many people. There are also those who tend to avoid helping the homeless.

One man stumbled into a Chick-fil-A in Tennessee, possibly looking for something to drink or just to get away from being outside for just a few moments.

The manager decided to do something a little special for the man.

When the homeless man entered the restaurant, he wanted to try to get a few scraps that would otherwise be thrown away.


He wasn’t asking for money and didn’t ask the customers for any kind of assistance.

When he left the restaurant, he had a huge smile on his face because of the actions of the manager.

While the interaction was taking place, a father and his daughter were enjoying a meal at a nearby table.

The father made a social media post about the story so that others might be able to see how the homeless are treated and how simple actions can make a difference.


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