Husband viciously slaps his new bride on wedding day after she teases him with cake


The footage is infuriatingĀ šŸ˜”

A brideā€™s wedding should be one of the happiest days of her life. For most brides, this is true, even if sometime later the marriage ends in divorce.

However, for one unnamed bride, her wedding turned into a humiliating horror. The video clip is believed to have been captured somewhere in Central Asia, but no names have yet surfaced to identify the couple.


The groom fed his wife a piece of wedding cake, which is customary. When she returned the favor, she teased him a bit by pulling the cake away before he took a bite of it.

He became enraged and hit her across the face so hard that she fell backwardĀ into a seat behind her.

Shocked wedding guests looked on as one man grabbed the groomā€™s arm and a female guest check to see if the bride was OK.

However, in researching this article, we found that itā€™s not uncommon for grooms to be abusive on their wedding day. Check out this video.

Another woman was beaten on her wedding day when her groom had trouble getting her dress off.


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