I Laughed When Couple Stood Up To Dance, But Once The Music Started I Was Blown Away


They are so incredible!

If you are captivated by swing dancers twirling around beautifully in sync to upbeat jazz music, you are in good company. While swing dancing defined the culture of the 1920s, it also influenced dance styles in other eras.

For example, it evolved into the Balboa, the Charleston, lindy hop and others. In addition, many dancers still enjoy swing dancing today. This was the case for Katie Boyle and Jason Colacino.

This professional dance duo had been practicing and performing for years, and one of their favorite types of dance was swing dancing. They had spent so many long hours practicing and achieving pro status over the years that their two dance styles beautifully melded together.


In fact, they executed a complicated dance like swing dancing so flawlessly that they appeared to have been dancing together all of their lives. They even had mastered several variations of swing dancing to perfection.

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