If You Hear Your Kids Say The Words ‘Blue Whale’, Stop Them Before They’re Dead


This is 15-year-old Isaiah Gonzalez. On Saturday, his father walked into his room and found him dead; he was hanging in his closet. Also this weekend, on the opposite side of the country, a 16-year-old girl was found hanging in her room. Now, both kids’ parents want every other parent to make sure they pay attention to the words “Blue Whale.”

Have you ever heard of the Blue Whale Challenge?

It is an online game that teens are playing and it is apparently encouraging them to commit suicide and so far, two families in the United States are blaming the game for the deaths of their children.

Jorge Gonzalez, a father from Texas, said he and his family had no idea that their son, Isaiah, was making plans to end his life.

teen ends life because of challenge
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Isaiah’s body was found on the morning of July 8 – he had hung himself in his closet.

Before ending his life, Isaiah had propped his cell phone up against a shoe so his death could be streamed live.


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