Lab-Grown Chicken Nuggets Made From Feathers to Hit Shelves by End of Year


The California company plans to sell nuggets synthesized from chicken feathers by the end of 2019…

Is lab grown meat the future of the industry, or simply an expensive boondoggle that wealthy investors like Bill Gates and Richard Branson will eventually have to bite the bullet on?

According to major players in this “cultured meat” industry, lab grown meats can replace having to actually slaughter and process these foods for human consumption, preventing animal deaths and giving rise to a new era in the food industry.

Many tech and alternative media publications seem infatuated with the idea of this new class of food product (which is often made from GMO yeast, unfortunately), but others worry about the health implications of this dangerously undertested technology that reminds many of Monsanto and Bayer’s experiments with genetically engineered crops.

Already, cultured meats from companies like Memphis Meats, Hampton Creek (makers of the non-GMO vegan alternative product Just Mayo), and the Israeli startup ‘SuperMeat’ are being developed with an eye on changing the future of food.

And now, one Northern California company is preparing to offer lab-grown chicken nuggets, made from the feathers of the very animal this type of meat originally comes from in the first place.

Lab Grown Chicken Nuggets Could Be On Sale By End of 2018

With big backers like Tyson Foods, Gates and others on board, lab grown meat on store shelves everywhere has quickly become an inevitability.

But the question is whether consumers will embrace this new technology, reject it outright, or perhaps something in between.

Thus far, lab grown beef has been the biggest new project among Gates and similar investors, with the Israel-based company Future Meat Technologies aiming to selling its first lab grown meat products by the end of the year at a whopping $365 dollars per pound (with hopes of slashing that cost to $4.50 a pound in two years).

The lab grown chicken industry has been waiting in the weeds, however, and according to a new article from ABC.Australialab grown chicken nuggets from the California-based company JUST could be on sale at the end of the year as well.


The company’s CEO Josh Tetrick had the following to say in a Tweet announcing the new product.

According to JUST, production of meat and seafood will double to 1.2 trillion pounds by 2050, and conventional meat uses 80 percent of all antibiotics, plus more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars.

“Our planet cannot afford to supply the water, fuel, pesticides, and fertilizer that industrialized animal production requires. It can’t afford the polluted water or the biodiversity loss. It can’t afford the moral inconsistencies,” the JUST promotional video reads.

Regenerative Agriculture: A More Natural Solution to Environmental Issues?

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