Newborn Baby Found In The Middle Of The Road With Umbilical Cord Still Attached To Her


A newspaper delivery person had been doing his rounds when he noticed something strange.

When you consider just how many couples are trying so hard to have children, it is heartbreaking to see others abandoning theirs.

And who would abandon a newborn baby in the middle of the road too, of all places? This unidentified mother, apparently.

A newspaper delivery person had been doing his rounds in Madera County on what seemed to be an otherwise ordinary Monday morning, on the 11th of February, when he noticed something strange.

There, in the middle of the road, was an incredibly suspicious bundle.


The natural response most people have about seeing a moving bundle placed on the dividing line of a road is to check it out, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise that the news carrier stopped his van to check it out.

To his shock and horror, it was a newborn baby girl who still had her umbilical cord attached to her, dressed in nothing more than a one-piece pajama set and wrapped up in a blanket.

It seemed that the abandonment of the child was incredibly recent too – recent enough that a woman (presumably the mother) was seen with a baby just minutes before the horrible discovery was made.


A witness claimed that before the newborn was found on the road by the paper carrier, he was flagged down by a woman in a small, white SUV.

She had asked said witness if he could take her child but was directed by him to the Valley Children’s Hospital and the fire station down the street instead.

There, the child could be cared for by the authorities.


It seemed that the woman did not take the witness’s advice, as the baby was abandoned in the middle of the road minutes later.


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