Parents Are Holding ‘Chickenpox Parties’ To Deliberately Infect Their Children With The Virus


This is child abuse 😧

With the controversy about vaccines from several years ago still fresh in the minds of many young parents, the discussion regarding vaccination has had a strong change and impact since.

The result – many more parents opting to ignore vaccinations for their children, much to the alarm and worry of doctors and healthcare professionals.

Instead, these parents have turned to so-called “parties”, wherein they send their children to hang out with an infected child in hopes of their children gaining the disease, and from there, gain a lifelong immunity to it.

Image Credit: Coast Guard All Hands

The most popular of these are chickenpox parties, which have recently been gaining a lot of attention.

Caused by a highly infectious virus that creates itchy, pus-filled blisters all over the body, the disease was once one of the most common childhood illnesses there was.

There is a compelling reason for this – dealing with the virus is a lot less problematic as a child, and provides a lifelong immunity to the disease.

Image Credit: 9NEWS (KUSA)

As such, many parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are hoping to have the child get infected with the disease, so they may build up resistance via the body’s immune system.

Often, the way this is done is to have the children interact with the infected child in close proximity.


Many use a tent in order to trap the particles that carry the virus, so that it is easier for the children to breathe it in and be infected.

Image Credit: National Park Service

However, with the discovery and use of the varicella vaccine, there no longer is any real need to expose your child to such a disease.

For starters, not many people are aware that the virus can reactivate several times over the course of an infected person’s lifetime, usually showing up as shingles in adults.

The use of vaccine often helps children avoid that possibility in the first place, in addition to allowing the child to gain immunity without running the risk of severe complications that come with the chickenpox.

Image Credit: Columbus Air Force Base


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