Parents Are Holding ‘Chickenpox Parties’ To Deliberately Infect Their Children With The Virus


While the general assumption of the chickenpox being not a very dangerous disease has some merit, what is of greater concern is just how harmful its complications can be.

The list of possible complications includes life-threatening illnesses such as pneumonia and encephalitis.

This isn’t even without considering health risks that chickenpox increases during its infection period, such as other bacterial infections, sepsis, and dehydration.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This situation has gotten to the point that the Colorado Department of Health and Environment is publicly urging parents to have their children vaccinated.

It is important to note that these vaccinations are not only for the safety of your own child, but for that of your surrounding society members as well.

Image Credit: CDPHE / Twitter

Many people are unable to take the vaccine for a multitude of reasons, such as age (young babies are unable to take the vaccine until they are at least 12 months old) or having compromised immune systems.


It should be reminded that when you choose to have your children and yourself vaccinated, you are adding to the herd immunity that protects the weak and the vulnerable in your community.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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