Quick and Easy Cheesecake


This quick and easy cheesecake recipe tastes just like you spent hours making it. It’s simple to make and the topping can be customized to your preference with ease!

Not everyone wants to go through all that effort and time of making a cheesecake that needs baked (I don’t blame you, it takes forever). So that’s where this recipe comes in. This quick and easy cheesecake is easy to make (hence the name) and tastes just like a store bought one!

It’s easy to change the topping you use for this cheesecake too! In the picture of my cheesecake, I simply topped it with a can of blueberry pie filling. If you prefer cherries, you can simply top it with a can of cherry pie filling, and so on.


“You just made my son so happy with that recipe and me too. That’s going to be way easier than the cooked one. Thanks”
-Rosie Gongora

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